Tips for communicating with a gamer girl on a dating site

Some girls admit that a simple greeting in social networking is not enough for them - they need something more creative. The usual questions like "Hi, how are you?" and other "jerks" are more likely to alienate, and if the person turns out to be too persistent, it will remove all desire to communicate at all. It's hard to recommend something specific, all girls have different tastes and preferences, but you can try to start a conversation with some facts about yourself. For example, tell her what kind of mount you use to travel around Azeroth (the more expensive the better).

One of the most important rules: you don't have to build yourself up as an alpha male when you meet a girl gamer, and in general, when you meet any young lady. It's better to act naturally and try to find common topics of conversation - games, books, movies, "board games", music. Of course, know by heart all the songs from the previous album by Justin Bieber is not necessary, but seek to learn new things will not hurt. When dating, you need to be yourself and to feel the boundaries of decency. This applies to dating any girl.

Don't be shy, get to know each other, mingle!

Gamer Dating Guide: How to find a gamer girlfriend?

According to research by today's scientists, the strongest relationships are built on a foundation of shared interests. And if your lifestyle is computer games, your partner should at least accept your lifestyle and, even better, share it. Even the most hardened gamers want to have a soul mate, and it's a fact. What's the point if you're invincible on the battlefield and can drag almost any rink alone if that's your only accomplishment? You will always be haunted by the feeling that something in life is missing. And that "something" is a normal relationship. So where to look for a partner if you're an avid gamer?

Where to meet a gamer girl?

First of all, look around and pay attention to your surroundings. Try to get to know the people with whom you communicate every day - it is possible that you will have more than one gamer among your friends, they just often do not advertise it.

Gaming festivals, conferences, exhibitions, championship

Keep an eye on the news in your city for various gaming events. They will be a great place to meet a gamer, because that's what people go there - you kill two birds with one stone. Not only that in one place will gather a bunch of the same enthusiastic players as you, you will have the opportunity to immediately assess the person visually and do not fall in love with a virtual character.

Cosplay festivals

Cosplay is also very popular today. Perhaps in the ranking of places to meet gamers cosplay-festivals can be put in first place - after all, where else can you meet in one place dozens of beautiful girls in the images of various game characters?

Themed venues

Co-activities will also be a great way for two gamers to get to know each other. The main thing is not to forget that your soul mate won't knock at your door - you have to make an effort to find her, and that's a fact. You probably have various anti-cafes, arcade games, all sorts of gaming workshops, etc. in your city. In today's world, this would be the most appropriate environment for gamers to live in, plus they themselves prefer to get together in interest groups.

Game Streaming, Communities, Forums

In the time of the Internet, it would be very foolish not to try to find your soul mate online. Many gamers watch various streams - so try to get acquainted in the chat room under it, there are often an equal number of guys and girls, despite all the stereotypes that the gamers are overwhelmingly guys. In addition, there are many gaming communities in social networks, where gamers from all over the world communicate and get acquainted. A great advantage of this way of dating is that you can immediately see the photo on the page of the person and appreciate his appearance, because it is also very important.

Computer games

Practice shows that an effective way to find a soul mate for the gamer is the game itself. Many games have online chat or something similar, so that everything is in your hands! How many cases are known when people have met, living thousands of miles away, and fallen in love so much that dramatically changed their lives - moved in together, got married, had children. How to expand their circle of communication in the online game? Often these are team games that require constant interaction with many people. If that wasn't enough, volunteer to be a recruiting officer for your guild. This will be a great way to meet people, because you'll be interacting with at least a few new people every day under very serious pretext.

Discord Servers

Modern messenger for chat, voice and video Discord rushed into our life and very quickly replaced Mumble, TeamSpeak and other multi-channel voice chats. There are now hundreds of thousands of channels in Discord of all sorts of communities! The addresses can often be found on the same forums or in the publishers. And the plus and minus of small communities in discord is that there thrives "their own atmosphere", someone almost interviews in the channels. There you can always find someone to play or to talk to.